Hidden tool storage

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We had a customer that did road construction and had there totem pole survey stick stolen twice… At $7000 a pop we had to come up with better safer storage. So here is what we came up with. He had a really nice tall work canopy and the top 10″ would never get used so we built a floor up there and cut out one side and made a door that sealed water tight and was on an electic actuator controlled by a switch inside the canopy. The canopy locked when his truck locked so this worked well! He also wanted a diesel tank to fit his Whole box and fit under the second shelf we built at the bed rail hight so that’s what he got, Powdercoated steel diesel rank and a custom aluminum canopy! Unfortunately 4 days after we installed it all he rolled his truck and totaled his truck and canopy that we had worked so hard on. Luckily for us he came back with a new truck and some fresh ideas for the next project which you will see in the next post! 

The final product was pretty sweet! 

Take a look!