Custom Aluminium Gates and Fencing

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These gates are built out of aluminum tubing and powder coated with fully adjustable grease-able hinges and built in stainless steel locking slide bolt latches.

We were approached by this client looking for a unique custom fence for the inside of his cul-de-sac. He needed the fence and gate to fit in with the style of the rest of his property but still be able to stand up to the elements and last a lifetime.


Some Challenges We Faced

  1. Each vertical upright, when welding the final weld, created pressure from the heat of the weld in the tube. So, we had to drill a hole in the end of the tube to release the pressure.
  2. When welding and fitting the entire frame in the jig, we clamped down the outer perimeter to make sure there was no warping. We waited until the material cooled before releasing the tension.
  3. We waited one full winter before welding the mounting tabs on the fences to make sure the posts weren’t going to move.